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Montreal Food Truck Block Party To Dominate The Mile-Ex Once Again This Weekend

We're up all night to get truck eats.
Montreal Food Truck Block Party To Dominate The Mile-Ex Once Again This Weekend

There aren't many activities that we enjoy more than drinkingshopping, and eating, and we love them even more when we can do them all at the same time.

This SaturdayJuly 26th, the Alexandrapatz Bar and the Quebec Food Truck Association will be hosting their second Night Market Block Party of the summer from 1 pm-11 pm, and if it's anything like the first oneyou won't want to miss it.

Four of our favourite  and food trucksZesteZoe's, Fous Truck, and Pizza 900 (a new wood-fired pizza truck), will be serving up their tasty offerings for you to chow down on. Naturally, you're going to want to wash down your food with some drinks, and the good folks from Alexandrapatz have got you covered with some delicious beer and cocktails.

Once you've gotten some liquor in your system, you're going to be ready to hit the dance floor, and four DJs will be spinning some bangin' tunes for you to get down to.

Of course, your lowered inhibitions will also be perfect for helping you spend money, and there will be plenty of local artists who can provide you with an amazing variety of art in exchange for your funds.

For more details, check out the FB event page and the ARRQ event listing.

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