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Montreal Food Trucks Are Definitely Returning

Foodies rejoice.
Montreal Food Trucks Are Definitely Returning

Photo cred - Tony Hird

Food trucks fans worry no longer, a second season of the food truck pilot project will be running from May 1st to October 5th of this year.

Montreal's mayor Denis Coderre, in another impressive quote, said he'd like to see more affordable food trucks, and less of the pricey (but delicious) gourmet dishes most food trucks served last summer.

Food trucks will be able to serve out dishes in three types of areas (daily, weekend, and special event) and here is the thus-far official list:

Daily locations

  • Cité du multimédia (De la Commune West at Brennan St. )
  • McCord Museum (Victoria St. north of President Kennedy)
  • Hector Toe Blake Park (Sussex north of Rene Levesque Blvd.)
  • Médéric Martin Park (Rouen near Du Havre)
  • Place d'Armes (Saint Jacques at Saint François Xavier)
  • Quartier de la santé (Saint Denis south of Viger Ave.)
  • City Councillors St. (north of De Maisonneuve Blvd)
  • Dorchester Square
  • Phillips Square
  • Victoria Square
  • Concordia University (Mackay north of De Maisonneuve Blvd.)

Weekend locations

  • Mont Royal Park (near the Sir George Étienne Cartier monument)

Special Events

  • Bellerive Park (Fullum north of Notre Dame)--during the fireworks festival
  • Place Emilie Gamelin--when events are taking place

Anyone who wants to open their own food truck has until April 1st to submit their request, online or at the Ville Marie Access Montreal offices. A bacon-themed food truck anyone?

How pumped are you for food trucks?

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