Montreal Free Coffee "Black Friday" Day Is Today

Yeh! Yogourt & Cafe are even taking part in Black Friday.

Photo cred - Yeh! Yogourt & Cafe

Whoever called today "Black Friday" didn't account for the weather. All the snow falling and the frigid winds make the day much more akin to "Cold White Friday," which can't be the ideal shopping situation for anyone who woke up crazy early to capitalize on today's sales and deals. You may be cold, tired, and hungry for some savings, but on the upside, Yeh! Yogurt has a Black Friday sale of its own that will solve all 'dem first world problems.

Yesterday night, Yeh! announced they would be making everyone's Black Friday a bit better (and more caffeinated) on their Facebook page, posting:

Post by Yeh! Yogourt & Cafe

Free is the best kind of deal, though Yeh! Yogurt's Black Friday promotion isn't fully on the house, as you'll note in the small print of the poster. To get a free coffee or bottle of water, you'll need to spend at least $5 at the store, which shouldn't be too hard. We've all overt-topped our fro-yo and received a heftier bill than we'd like, which will be a good thing this time around, because free coffee.

On a day like today, free coffee to warm and reinvigorate you sounds amazing, but cold fro-yo when it's snowing, well, not so much. Good thing you can get something more comforting (and savoury) at Yeh! like a crepe or a couple waffle-iron grilled cheese, which we do believe are one of the best grilled cheeses in the city.

Don't do Black Friday without some free coffee (and maybe a grilled cheese) from Yeh! Yogurt, a deal you'll only get to enjoy today. To find out more and get any updates, head over to the Yeh! Facebook page here.

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