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Montreal Free Coffee Day At Place Des Arts

Free coffee, yippy!
Montreal Free Coffee Day At Place Des Arts

Photo cred - @mtlgazette

Montreal is one some kind of free coffee roll, one we seriously hope doesn't end. Last week the city was treated to two impromptu free coffee days (courtesy of Folgers and Tim Hortons) and now we're getting a third today, from a very unlikely source. Free coffee is free coffee so we're not complaining, we just didn't think we'd be getting gratis caffeine from a newspaper.

This morning, right in Place des Arts, The Gazette has set up their very own pop-up coffee container where they'll be giving out cups of java at no charge. There is one semi-small catch, as The Gazette has promised free coffee to anyone who downloads their new smartphone app. Check out the tweeted out details below.



— The Montreal Gazette (@mtlgazette) October 28, 2014

The Gazette's clever marketing tool for their smartphone app comes in the wake of their recent update and redesign. Trying to up their online game, it makes sense the newspaper would try to get more folks to download their new app, and we all know Montrealers love their coffee, so kudos to The Gazette on a solid strategy.

According to Eve Martel The Gazette's pop-up coffee container will be doling out the brew 'til 1:30pm, if the schedule remains the same as yesterday's event. iPhone and Android versions of The Gazette's app are both available.

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