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Montreal Free Coffee Week

Nothing beats a free latte.
Montreal Free Coffee Week

Photo cred - Cafe Gaspe

Having your neighborhood coffee shop close, especially if its your favourite place for some java, is a very hard situation to deal with. Finding a new place to caffeinate is hard enough, not to mention forming a new relationship with the barista so they know exactly how you like your latte. That was the sitch for loyal customers of Café Gaspé, which was closed for renovations over the last few months, but the Mile End coffee shop has the perfect promotion to get everyone back: free coffee all week long.

Head into Café Gaspé any morning this week ('til Friday) and you will be treated to your choice of caffeine, including lattes, cappuccinos, espressos, and whatever else you may like, at zero charge. You may have been sad Café Gaspé closed for a bit, but getting a free morning coffee all week was worth the wait.

Here's the basic breakdown.

  • Who: Café Gaspé
  • What: Free coffee!
  • When: Nov. 3rd to 7th from 8am to 10am
  • Where: 5455 av de Gaspé (map)
  • Why: Because you can't make it to work/school without caffeine so it may as well be free.

Café Gaspé will undoubtedly be packed each morning this week, but don't worry, the renovations weren't for nothing, as the new and improved cafe now has double the space with many more tables and chairs. Good to know, as you'll want to come back for lunch to get the chef-created daily + weekly specials always offered at Café Gaspé. When the coffee and food are good, there's no shame in coming in a few times a day.

Get any updates and learn more about Café Gaspé by heading to their Facebook page here.

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