Montreal Free Comic Book Day 2015

Free is always a good price.
Montreal Free Comic Book Day 2015

It used to be that comics were strictly reserved to the misfits and the nerds of society, but that is most certainly no longer the case. The folklore realm of superheroes is now a mainstay of our pop culture and pretty much saturates the mainstream of modern entertainment.

Batman, Superman, Spiderman, every one of The Avengers, all found their humble beginnings on the pages of comic books before growing into the big-screen behemoths we know and love today. Sure, comic books don't have quite the same impact IMAX 3d has on your eyeballs, but there is something to be said about the tangible quality and artistry only achieved though comics.

Free Comic Book Day is the perfect opportunity to get your not-so-secret-anymore nerd on and check out where it all began, or add to your already growing collection. Every year, comic book stores from all over celebrate the world of comics by giving away a whole range of titles, for zero dollars. That's definitely less than the price of a movie ticket, jussayin'.

Free Comic Book Day happens Saturday May 2, 2015.

Visit to find participating comic book shops near you.

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