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Montreal Free Cupcake Day Is Today

Les Glaceurs is giving back!
Montreal Free Cupcake Day Is Today

Photo cred - Full Cravings

Few, and I mean very few, things in this world are more comforting, delicious, and throw-your-diet-to-the-wind inducing than a cupcake. Sweet, moist, and a true classic, everyone with a soul loves a good cupcake, and even those without, like ourselves. That is why, with much excitement and foaming at the mouth, we are pleased to inform you of free cupcake day in Montreal.

We kid you not folks, this is a no strings and all day cupcake-tastic event, put on by none other than Les Glaceurs, arguably Montreal's most beloved cupcake bakery. Les Glaceurs is giving each and every Montrealer a cupcake on the house in celebration of their 7-year anniversary. Here is the basic breakdown:

  • Who: Les Glaceurs
  • Where: Old Montreal + + Downtown + Westmount + Dix30 locations
  • When: Wednesday, October 15th, all day
  • Why: For Les Glaceeur's 7th birthday and because free cupcakes are the best thing ever.

So head into the nearest Les Glaceurs location next Wednesday and satisfy your sweet tooth for zero charge. Be sure to throw a few dollars of the money your saving towards Moisson Montreal, the charity chosen by Les Glaceurs for the event. You get a free cupcake, a local charity gets some financial support, and the world will be a better place.

Get more info at the official Montreal Free Cupcake Day Facebook event here.

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