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Montreal Free David's Tea Day Is Today

Free tea all day long.
Montreal Free David's Tea Day Is Today

Sipping on a warm cup of soothing tea is the easiest, and arguably best way to beat the winter woes that truly set in once February hits. The tastiest of teas are a tad pricey, as is the case with everything, but come next week, David's Tea will be doling out the warmth at zero charge during their "Free Tea Day" event in Montreal.

Set to be held on February 4th, at all David's Tea stores in Canada & the US, Free David's Tea Day is being held to promote the tea store's new partnership with Etsy. Many thanks to Nightlife for letting us know this tea-tastic event is going down.

To get a free cup of David's Tea, all you need to do is pop into any shop, at any time of day, and download the Etsy app to your phone. Flash the Etsy app screen to an employee and enjoy a hot or iced tea (Lord only knows who's going for iced this time of year) at the low price of free-ninety-nine.

Intense tea-ophiles, and those who enjoy adorable kitchenware and mugs, would be pleased to hear the new Etsy + David's Tea collaboration will also feature the work of three different mug creators, including A + J from Montreal, which you can buy online. The rest of us can just capitalize on free tea and call it a day.

Montreal's Free David's Tea Day will be on Wednesday, February 4th. Expect a reminder on the day, because we know how forgetful y'all are.

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