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Montreal Free Hot Dog Day Is Today

Get ready for a mac 'n cheese hot dog in and around your mouth.
Montreal Free Hot Dog Day Is Today

Free is what got you to click on this article, and the promise of food, so let's cut right to the chase: Dirty Dogs Montreal is doling out free hot dogs this Saturday, June 7th, for all of Montreal.

Known for their incredibly sublime hot dogs, Dirty Dogs isn't fooling around and serving some dinky Oscar Meyer wieners. No, they will be giving you their signature hot dog, The Bernie Mac, a cheddar & bacon sausage, topped with homemade mac & cheese, crispy bacon and green onions...for freakin' free!

Here's the breakdown:

  • Who:Dirty Dogs Montreal
  • Where: The Dirty Dogs takeout window @ 25 Mont Royal East, just at the corner of St. Lo (map)
  • When: 12pm to 1pm on Saturday, June 7th (so one hour)
  • What: The Bernie Mac Dog (pic)
  • Why: Who cares because its free mac 'n cheese dogs!

Get there early, because no doubt the lineup is gonna be a 'lil lengthy, as who wouldn't want to indulge in a Dirty Dog for zero charge? That's right, no one, so walk the extra few blocks up St. Lo from the Grand Prix street fest and get mackin' on a Bernie Mac Dog. Pair this with some free pizza and you have your meals for the day.

Will you be getting a free hot dog?

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