Montreal Free Oyster Day On Saint-Laurent Street

A start-up open house you won't want to miss.
Montreal Free Oyster Day On Saint-Laurent Street

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Thursday is your chance to discover a different side of Montreal, all while reaping some pretty sweet eats and treats. Thursday, from 4pm to 7pm is Montreal's Startup Open House, a city-wide event where you can get an inside look at Montreal' startup scene, while also getting some free oysters.

An initiative to offer regular folks like us a chance to better understand the new and modern business housed within the city, Montreal's Startup Open House is kind of like a mix between a pub crawl and a meet and greet. 47 different startups will letting you explore their offices and meet the team, with you hitting up the spots at your leisure.

One startup that piqued our food and drink loving minds was Shopify, who have promised free oysters and champagne to the first three hundred people who visit them during the Startup Open House. Details were tweeted out by Britt Lion, who we thank from the bottom of our oyster-loving hearts. Shopify is located on 3575 St. Laurent (map) and will definitely be the first place we hit up during the Startup Open House event.

To get in on the free oysters and bubbly, along with the entire Startup Open House event, you do need to register here. No stress, it's free. Hopefully other startups will be following Shopify's lead and also giving out some free goods.

Montreal's Startup Open House runs from 4pm to 7pm on Thursday, October 30th. Find out more about the other participating startups and the goal of the event itself by heading over to the Startup Open House website and Facebook page here.

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