Montreal Free Pizza Day Is Today

BEVO Bar is giving back this weekend.

Friday, June 6th is more than just a part of Grand Prix weekend, and for those of us who give next to zero fvcks about racing, BEVO Bar + Pizzeria's second anniversary celebrations will be the day's most exciting event. To give back to the city that has kept them afloat for two years, BEVO is offering all of Montreal free pizza.

Free and pizza may be the most magical combination of words in the English lexicon, but tack on grilled sausage and porchetta to that "free" and the whole event goes to next level deliciously awesome. Friday is not only free pizza day, it's gonna be free grilled sausage and porchetta day too.

What could be better than three types of free food to enjoy? Delicious to wash it all down, of course. Negroni Week will already be in full force at BEVO (June 2-8th) so they'll be offering the bitter Italian drink, with $1 of proceeds from every drink going towards fighting prostate cancer. Negroni slushies will also be served for an extra-refreshing drink. Fill up on food and refresh yourself, while helping out a good cause.

Bevo Bar is located in Old Montreal (map) so you'll have to head to the cobblestones to get your free pizza, grilled sausage, porchetta, and your cocktail for charity. Sorry, I lied, that last sentence (or at least the final 8 words) is the most magical mix of words possible in the English language.

Get all the details at Bevo Bar's event page. See y'all on Friday.

Will you be getting free pizza?

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