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Montreal Free Pizza Day Is Today

Free Pizza and 2 for 1 drinks to kick off National Pizza Month at Bacaro.
Montreal Free Pizza Day Is Today

Photo cred- Bácaro Urban Pizzeria

Pizza is meant to be paired with drinks. Nothing beats a pint of beer or a cocktail with some delicious pizza. Most Montreal pizza joints don't have a liquor license, and have seriously subpar pizza anyway, but not Bácaro Urban Pizzeria, a new pizza joint that gives you great pizza and drink deals every single weekday.

Open only for a few short weeks, Bácaro is all about serving authentic pizzas in a relaxed atmosphere. The pizza is on par with anything you'll get in Italy, and the vibe is comfortable and youthful, and being loud is actually encouraged. Think of Bácaro like a bar and fancy pizzeria, with the best of both combined.

Nothing speaks of Bácaro's more bar-like qualities than the resto's daily happy hour/5@7 specials. Every weekday Bácaro gives thirsty folk 2 for 1 drink specials, with an extra-special free pizza 5@7 happening exclusively on Monday, October 6th to kick off National Pizza Month.

Here's the basic breakdown:

  • Who: Bácaro Urban Pizzeria
  • Where: 4259 St. Catherine West (map)
  • When: October 6th from 5pm to 7pm
  • What: 2 for 1 drinks and free pizza tasters
  • Why: Because you love to drink and eat, that's why.

Photo cred- Bácaro Urban Pizzeria

Any student at Dawson would be silly to miss out on this free pizza event, and not capitalize on the regular happy hour deal after class. Every other Montrealer will want to attend too, because after you try Bácaro's pizza, you'll be willing to make the trip again. Thin, lightly charred, and topped with fresh ingredients, Bácaro does pizza right.

Other than pizza, Bácaro also offers salads, wood oven baked pastas, and a mix of desserts. Sometimes less is more, and Bácaro is all about doing a few dishes right, rather than a having a bunch of stuff that's mediocre. The desserts are something to behold as well, including Pannetonne bread, strawberry and basil panna cotta pudding, Nutella fritters, and a weekly Nutella pizza, like s'mores and reese pieces.

Photo cred- Bácaro Urban Pizzeria

A full bar, great pizza, plenty of nutella,and a chilled out vibe are all part of Bácaro's daily operations. Free pizza and drink deals await you on October 6th, but be sure to head to Bácaro's Facebook page and official website for a preview of what you'll get to taste.

Will we see you there?

Photo cred- Bácaro Urban Pizzeria