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Montreal Free Pizza Day In Little Italy

Pizzeria Gema is starting things off in the right direction: free.
Montreal Free Pizza Day In Little Italy

To get people pumped about their impending opening, Little Italy's newest Pizzeria, GEMA, will be serving 12" pizzas from their takeout window free of charge. Creative and entirely enticing pizzas, made with some real skill, are only a  trip to Little Italy away.

One of GEMA's owners/operators tweeted out the good news yesterday, giving everyone the basic breakdown:

  • Where: GEMA Pizzeria's takeout window, 6827 Saint-Dominique (map)
  • When: Starting at 5pm and 'til the dough runs out
  • What: 12" pizzas (no clarification if toppings will be included)
  • Why: Do you really need a reason?

One look at the instagram account of Michele Forgione, collaborative chef at GEMA, will instantly have your mouthwatering for some of their pizza. Even if you only get a plain cheese pizza out of it, the event will be a good indicator if GEMA's meat-tastic, porchetta, and mushroom pizzas are as good as they look.

Nothing beats free, so we'll see you at GEMA.

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