Montreal Free Second Cup Coffee Day

Get caffeinated for zero charge.
Montreal Free Second Cup Coffee Day

Photo cred - @maggiums

Let's be real folks, when you order a latte at Second Cup (or any coffee shop) you are faced with two problems: an overabundance of milk so that you don't really even taste any of the espresso and a pretty steep price. This Friday & Saturday, Second Cup is going to rectify both of those coffee woes, with their free Flat White coffee weekend. made us aware of this magical news, part of Second Cup's ongoing campaign to promote their new "Flat White" coffee beverage. Essentially a latte with less steamed milk, the Flat White is meant to be more of an espresso-y flavoured drink, creating a taste that is "is bold without being bitter."

Free Flat Whites will be doled out to the public at the 24hr Second Cup on Parc and Milton (map) from 9am to 6pm on Friday, September 26th and during the same time on Saturday, September 27th. We called into the Montreal location in question, and a representative confirmed the dates and time, though a later start and end time were said to be possible. Look for the Piaggio mobile coffee car outside the store just in case, which has been travelling all around Canada giving folks some much needed caffeine.

Keep up to date with Second Cup's free Flat White coffee promotion by checking out their Facebook page and Twitter feed.

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