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Montreal Free Starbucks Day

Get your caffeine fix for free.
Montreal Free Starbucks Day

Photo cred - Clari Fiers

Yet another new Starbucks is opening its doors, and whether you love or hate the coffee mega-chain, a new Sbux means one thing everyone can love: free coffee and drinks.

For those in the know, the first day a Starbucks opens, they hold a special "friends & family" event where everything is entirely free, with donations to a local charity strongly recommended. The manager of the new Starbucks, set to open in early September, got in touch with us and let us know the basic breakdown on the event.

Here are the details, thus far:

  • Where: World Trade Centre Montreal (Square Victoria Metro)
  • When: September 4th (exact time frame TBA)
  • Why: To raise funds for a local charity (TBA)
  • How: All drinks will be on the house, with a similarly sized donation recommended in lieu of.

September is still a ways away, which is why some of the exact details are a little undefined. Rest assured we'll have the exact address well before the event and the local charity will have been chosen. Also note that free drinks won't be served all but rather during a specific time period. We'll update you on the window of free Starbucks opportunity too.

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