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Montreal Free Tim Hortons Coffee Day

Start your day off right.
Montreal Free Tim Hortons Coffee Day

For the second day in a row, our walk to the office was ameliorated in an amazing way, with free coffee. Strolling along St. Catherine this morning, passing the Tim Hortons location just before Guy, we noticed all of the windows were covered with posters advertising Tims' new Dark Roast blend, then when we saw a sign saying "gratuit" we officially creamed our under-caffeinated jeans.

In another amazing marketing strategy, the Tim Hortons on St. Catherine and Guy (map) is promoting the coffee chain's new Dark Roast coffee blend by offering free coffee to all patrons. No strings attached, just a good ol' cup of Joe at no charge.

Don't live near that TH location but still want some free caffeine? No sweat, Tims has your back. After speaking to a Tim Hortons representative, we learned that free Dark Roast Tims coffee will be given out across all of Quebec at participating locations. So if you see black posters on the windows of your local Tims, don't worry, you won't be entering into a pitch-black prank, you'll just be getting free coffee.

Follow along with all the free action and sharing your dark roast moments by hashtaggin' #timsdark and #timsfoncé, because nothing beats a free coffee selfie.

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