Montreal French-English Conversations Will Be Translated In Real-Time By Google

Photo cred - Nadia Not Included

Despite being a bilingual city, there are still tons of Montreal citizens who are much more comfortable with a single language. That isn't to say many of these people don't know a little French or English, but their mastery of the two tongues is definitely one-sided. Google Translate aims to end that issue, as the app's upcoming update will be able to translate real life conversations on the fly, reports the New York Times.

Kind of like Skype's recently launched translation service, Google Translate, once the update goes live, will reportedly be able to translate a sentence from a foreign language spoken right in front of you into a readable text in the palm of your hand. No more awkward encounters in the city or abroad, as the answer to "what the hell are they saying" will appear on your phone in a snap.

Google Translate's upcoming feature will probably not be so effortless to use, however, as anyone who's used Skype's on-the-fly translation app knows the tech has many kinks to iron out.

Regardless, though, Google Translate's update will still be incredibly useful, as will the (apparently) soon to be announced photo-translation service. Much like the app Word Lens, Google Translate plans to be able to change street signs and words photographed on your smartphone into a language of your choice.

Expect an official launch date for Google Translate's newest updates in the coming weeks.

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