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Montreal Garage Is Having An Insane $5 Mega Sale On Clothes

Cute fall looks for cheap!
Montreal Garage Is Having An Insane $5 Mega Sale On Clothes

One of the things that truly makes me happy in life is finding a good sale. I absolutely hate having to pay full price for things so I usually end up holding off until a sale rolls around and I can snag all those cute clothes that I had my eye on but for half the price. 

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Right now is the best time for shopping too because the fall lines have all arrived and everyone knows that fall clothes are the cutest of them all. There's cozy oversized sweaters, huge circle scarves, cute fall booties and so much more! 

You can get all your fall favourites at this mega sale right here in Montreal that Garage and Dynamite are hosting for the entire month of October! 

via @garageclothing

This massive sale is starting tomorrow, Thursday, September 28th until October 29th located at 300 Avenue Sainte-Croix in Montreal's Ville Saint Laurent area. 

This sale is definitely not one to be missed because they're offering insane prices! 

via @garageclothing

Accessories: $1 

Tops & Skirts: $3

Pants, Shorts & Dresses: $5 

Outwear: $15 

via @dynamiteclothing

They'll be restocking their inventory daily so they'll have enough amazing clothes and accessories to go around for the entire month! 

via @dynamiteclothing

Check out the Facebook event for more information. 

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