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Montreal Gazette To Sell Printing Plant, 100+ Employees Lose Their Job

New agreement leads to layoffs.
Montreal Gazette To Sell Printing Plant, 100+ Employees Lose Their Job

The Montreal Gazette's parent-publishing company, Postmedia, has decided to shut down the Gazette's printing facility at 7001 St-Jacques W and outsource printing of the newspaper to another company, TC Transcontinental Printing.

Over 100 employees will lose their job, according to Postmedia's VP of communication's statement, referenced in J-Source.

Postmedia announced the new outsourcing agreement yesterday, which is basically a money-saving strategy the corporation has already used with their other publications like Vancouver Sun and the Calgary Herald.

No major changes to the Gazette's format are likely, as TC will probably stick to the newspaper's original printing format, so most readers probably won't be aware of the switch. For the unlucky workers who will be losing their job, well, the outsourcing deal will be a bit more evident.

In total, 54 full-time employees and 60 part-time workers will be fired. Apparently Postmedia told its employees "“These decisions...are not easy ones but they are the right decisions," which isn't really the most comforting thing to hear when you find out you're going to lose your job.

At least TC Transcontinental is still a Montreal-based company, so the work is still being kept within the city.

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