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Montreal To Get Breakfast Raves?

A new trend called Braving and it's coming for you.
Montreal To Get Breakfast Raves?

Photo cred - Gloria

New York's latest trend is Breakfast raving, or “Braving,” as it will surely become known by everyone who tries it. This fitness craze is complete with DJs, costumes, and healthy smoothies and it aims get the whole world confident with dancing sober (and burning calories while you do it). Breakfast raving proves that you don't always need drugs to have a blast.

As Montrealers, we do love to party...that goes without saying. I mean heck the city is piloting to keep bars open to 6 am this summer, therefore it seems logical to embrace this new rave trend and start partying all-night and all-day.

Here are some places we think should host breakfast raves.

Les Foufounes Électriques

As you know, this place is awesome for those in search of a lot of headbanging...So seems logical to add in a morning rave. There is tons of dance space and the vibes are great at night. The place already has the DJ capacity and it would no doubt become a front liner in the "Braving" Montreal scene.

Les Katacombes

The sight lines, sound and projection screens make it kind of ideal not just for music shows of all kinds but for things such as a breakfast rave! The balcony and the 3/4 in the round stage are ideal for people to get into a rave vibe. There are also cute little cubby areas which you can designate VIP if you like. If you aren't already sold on how awesome Katacombes is then let me remind you of the incredible artisan metal work!


It's a great historical concert venue and would be hands down an awesome breakfast rave venue. With the 2 bars in the main dance floor area and a bigger one in the very back (main floor) and then the 2 extra bars on each side of the terraced seating section upstairs; there would be plenty of places to get a tasty smoothie as you rave away.

Le Belmont

This is kind of a cross between a music venue and a regular bar. Just past the entrance, there is a decent sized room with a bar, pool table and tv's, while down the hallway is the huge venue room with the stage, dance floor, another bar, and both an upper and lower sitting area. It's an awesome venue and would be even hotter if they embraced the breakfast rave phenomenon.

Bar Blizzarts

Probably the best bar on The Main. Styles change nightly but this place brings a great vibe regardless. Here you can dance your face off most nights, and they cater to different tastes in that respect. Get Nice is the best hip hop night in the city, and Mod Night Saturday's is a legitimate soul/roots/rnb dance party. So if they hosted breakfast raves that would be the cherry on top of the sundae!

Where would you like Montreal to have breakfast raves?

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