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Montreal Gets Free "Take A Book Leave A Book" Street Libraries

The city's first official set of Little Free Libraries.

Bookworms of Montreal now have a new resource to get their hands on new books, all for free, thanks to Little Free Library.

An initiative already seen in other cities, Little Free Library is basically a street-level book stand/deposit where any and everyone can take a book or put one in, all free of charge.

Lynda Drouin is to be thanked for the city's new literary initiative, who first set up a Little Free Library in front of her house in Rosemont. Twelve have since been set up, offering free reading material to all Montrealers who happen to walk by.

We've definitely seen a few of these set up in other areas of Montreal, somewhere in the Mile End for sure. They may not be "official" Little Free Libraries, but they basically function in the same way.

Montreal needs more of these all-free vendors of literature, because books make you smarter and all that. Find out more about the organization, and how you could get involved here and the index of all Little Free Libraries here.

Should Montreal set up more Little Free Libraries?

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