Montreal Gets Its First Ever Park Pop-Up Shop On Saint-Laurent Street This Weekend

Le Market is posting up at Parc du Portugal during Mural Fest.
Montreal Gets Its First Ever Park Pop-Up Shop On Saint-Laurent Street This Weekend

Everyone's favourite street-art festival, Montreal's Mural Fest, is getting a pop-up shop, a temporary park-based bazaar where you can check out the wares of Montreal's premier local artists and fashion designers. Running four days (June 12th-June 15th) this temporary outdoor store will be known as Le Market, and even if you don't like shopping, you're going to want to check out the event.

Over 20 Montreal-based vendors will be on-site at Parc du Portugal, the small park just off of St. Lo on Marie-Anne (map) with everything happening in the sunny summer air. Clothing for men and women, jewelry, and various accessories will be on sale,  all with that Montreal-flair we've come to know and love.  Artists are making products specifically for the event, so expect to see stuff you wouldn't find anywhere else.

Not just for shopping types, Le Market will be an all-around artistic event/party. Live music and DJs will be there to liven everything up with some tunes, and a bar/refreshments will be on-site to do the same.  Party while you drink and shop, just beware of impulse purchases. Actually, don't, because you'll be helping out local talent and it'll be cool stuff anyway.

All the brands present:

-Akela Surf
-Casablank Clothing

-Mrs. Bunnies

-Christine Bijoux

-Bornina Puss

-Jane & Rye





-JJ Louis

-Creations Insomniaques



-Cocody Collection

-Trebeam Montreal


-Les Pétards

-Young Ghosts

-Overseas Jewelry

-One Diamond


-Empty Can

Get all the details on Mural Fest's Le Market at the FB event page.

Will you be at Le Market?

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