Montreal Girl Creates The 'Launch A Pen With Your Boobs Challenge' (Video)

On today's episode of, "What? Why Would You Do That? Oh, Okay, You're Just Doing You. Plus You're Not Hurting Anyone. Plus This Is Pretty Funny If You Think About It," we bring you one seriously fascinating Youtube video.

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Called the Launch A Pen With Your Boobs Challenge, this brand new brainchild was created by Aimee Davison, creator of the super viral #1FingerSelfie.

All you need to accept the challenge, apparently, are a pair of boobs and some pens. Confused? Don't be. Just check out the video below  - which, sidenote, I really think this is the most hilarious video I've seen in a while.

(PS, yes, I actually did try this at work. Yes, my coworkers actually are staring at me like I'm a little bit insane now. Protip: maybe try this one at home).

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