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Montreal Girls Crave These 15 Foods In The City When They're PMSing

Embrace your period pains... with food...
Montreal Girls Crave These 15 Foods In The City When They're PMSing

As yes, when it's that time of the month every girl know what's coming... food, food, and more food. When we girls PSM, we crave weird and delicious foods. And honestly, thank god we live in Montreal! They have a great selection of weird, wild, and darn right delightful food that you can't get anywhere else.

The list below composes of some of the best PMS food and where you can find them right here in Montreal. For some of you, you are probably PMSing right now! So, I hope that this list doesn't make your cravings worse because I'm craving them right now and I'm not even PMSing, sorry in advance.

These foods are sweet and fatty but we girls need a break once it comes to PMSing. So, sit back, relax, eat that weird meal of yours and embrace your period pains!

1. PMS Makes You Crave Mac And Cheese Poutines From Dirty Dogs

A photo posted by Olivier (@talvius) on

25 Avenue du Mont-Royal East

When you literally want to have a orgasm in your mouth, just head down to dirty dogs and enjoy the best poutines EVER! Not only can you enjoy a classic poutine, but you can quench your period cravings with a Mac and Cheese poutine!


2. PMS Makes You Crave Fried Pickles From L’Gros Luxe

A photo posted by julie_coronel (@julie_coronel) on

3807 Rue Saint-André | Multiple locations

When you are crazy that tangy pickle taste, why not do it with style and have some fried pickles from L'Gros Lux! They have a great savory/spicy crunch that will make those period pains disappear only to reaper later on the scale.


3.  PMS Makes You Crave Anything And Everything From Cacao 70

A photo posted by Katerine Savard (@katerinesavard) on

2087 Rue Sainte-Catherine | Multiple locations

For those sweet period cravings, a Montreal Girl's first thought is definitely Cacao 70! They serve everything that is chocolate and that has to do with chocolate to help you make through this months period from hell. It's a great place to go to with your BFF who is probably PMSing at the same time as you.

4.  PMS Makes You Crave...Mc Donalds... Of Course

A photo posted by Zelata Kogan (@thezelatakogan) on

There is no explanation needed here. We all know that our period whispers Mc Donalds in our ears.

5. PMS Makes You Crave General Tao Poutine From Sesame

A photo posted by Katina C. Goulakos (@katinagee) on

3971 Rue Hochelaga

When your period has you craving both Asian and Quebecois, don't stress! You can have the best of both words with Sesames General Tao Poutine! This is the perfect period snack/meal to help you get through the dreaded night of bleeding.


6. PMS Makes Your Crave Pastry Ice Cream Cones From La Diperie

A photo posted by Miriam Desrochers (@miriamdesrochers) on

68 Ave des Pins E

When it's summer and you are PMSing, the simple solution is La Diperie! La Diperie combines a pastry and sweet ice cream for the perfect PMS snack.


7. PMS Makes You Crave Anything Covered In Nutella

A photo posted by ★Tu Boletín Virtual Oficial★ (@tu_boletinvirtual) on

Once again, there is no explanation needed. Nutella is the absolute perfect way to spend all your calories when you are on your period.

9. PMS Makes You Crave Sushi From Saint Sushi

A photo posted by Galit (@montrealdiaries) on

424 Duluth E

Fresh sushi is always a great solution when you are PMSing. It is great way to eat a bit healthier when you are PSMing.


10. PMS Makes You Crave Chicken And Waffles From Chez Bouffe

A photo posted by Marc-Andre Filion (@filion) on

4316 rue Sainte-Catherine Est

This weird combination of food is a great place to start when you being that PMS cycle. Chicken and waffles are absolutely delicious and they will make that period pain disappear for a bit.


11. PMS Makes You Crave Gelato From Gelaterie Pierino

A photo posted by Gelaterie Pierino ?????? (@gelateriepierino) on

1884 Rue Jean-Talon E

When it is the midst of summer, why not treat yourself to some gelato when you are PMSing! This Montreal gelato shop is honestly one of the best in town! Their sweet and light gelato is the perfect solution for you PMS.


12. PMS Makes You Crave Pizza From Ninos

A photo posted by Ellen (@puccaellen) on

6588 Monk Boulevard, Montréal, QC H4E 3J1

YES. My favorite place to be when I am PMSing is Nino's Pizzeria. It is absolutely great and it is the perfect period food. Not only is their food great, but it is also right here in Montreal.


13. PMS Makes You Crave Nachos From Lola Rosa Milton

A photo posted by ??? (@beiqiii) on

545 rue Milton, Montreal

When you are craving some nachos, I suggest heading to Lola Rosa! Their nachos are great and it's the perfect way to help those period cramps! This is honestly great PMS food.


14. PMS Makes You Crave Candy From Bulk Barn

A photo posted by Emily Draicchio (@emdrakemtlblog) on

Oh candy, a girls best friend! For us Montreal girls, Bulk Barn has become our new favorite place when we are PMSing. Their selection is HUGE!!!

15. PMS Makes You Crave CAKE CAKE CAKE From Rockaberry

A photo posted by Kale (@ropewithkale) on 8

Multiple Locations

YASSSSSSS!!!! Cake is the clear, obvious, and most delicious food to have when you are PMSing. The best pie and cake in Montreal is for sure from Rockabbery's! They have a great selection of fresh pies and even better cheesecakes!


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