Montreal Go Topless Day 2014 Is Tomorrow

Nudity for social change.
Montreal Go Topless Day 2014 Is Tomorrow

Photo cred - Natasha Garyali

Sunday, August 24th will be the day to go bare chested in Montreal. For the second time, Montreal will be hosting/throwing its very own Go Topless Day event, and all are invited to come out, bare some nips, and fight for equality among the genders when it comes to public nudity.

We caught wind of this event from The Naturist Page, a Montreal website dedicated to promoting non-sexual nudism and naturism. According to TNP, Montreal's Go Topless Day event is being put on by the same organizers as this year's World Naked Bike Ride in association with the movement, so if you had a good time at the bike ride (or experienced intense FOMO by not going) then Go Topless Day will be just as fun.

Women are encouraged to go entirely bare-breasted, and will have the go-ahead from the police to do so. The right for women to be able to go topless in public is the main issue behind the Go Topless Day, as there is a gendered discrepancy in that respect when it comes to public nudity. Men can do as they please and bare their chest (even those with legit man-boobs) while women are reprimanded for doing the same thing.

Men partaking in Go Topless Day are actually asked to not go entirely top-nude. Rather, they are asked to bring a bra along and wear it, so as to demonstrate just how ridiculous a bra looks on a dude and point out how women are forced to wear them in public under normal circumstances. All about solidarity in top-free equal rights.

Montreal's Go Topless Day will occur on August 24th from 1pm to 4pm, and will be held at Tam Tams, with the George-Étienne Cartier monument as the meeting place. Get all the info on the Go Topless Day Montreal's FB event page, FB group, and learn more about the worldwide movement at the official website.

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