Women In Montreal Will  Be Allowed To Go Topless In Public This Summer

I'm not much of an activist in general but sometimes you just have to get up and support a good cause. Ironically it's the only cause that technically rejects "support" because it encourages women to go topless in public. Sunday, August 23rd, is International Go-Topless Day and their aim is to expose the "cover up" for what it is, unfair.

[This is last year's article. For the 2016 edition click here!]

A picture from their website illustrates the injustice perfectly:

That's why, on this momentous day, women around the world are encouraged to go topless in public in order to fight the idea that women's breasts are somehow offensive. I am personally far more offended at the sight of man-breasts, aren't you?

Although it's a noble cause, it is important to point out that this organization was started by the last person you'd expect. Raël, the leader of the Raëlian movement who believes that all the gods of modern religion were actually aliens. So I guess now they have two main pillars of belief, aliens and topless women. Seriously, that sounds perfectly reasonable - where do I sign up?

For more information about International Topless Day visit the website.

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