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Montreal Got An All-New "Hot Dog Restaurant" And It Looks Crazy

In Montreal, we love our steamies. There's so many restaurants here dedicated to creating the perfect steamy loaded with allll the best toppings. First there was Dirty Dogs and now there's an all-new restaurant! 

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This new hot dog spot just opened up on Saint Denis and it looks seriously awesome! And it's not just a hot dog joint, they're also a bar! 

via @crazydogsbar

This cool new spot is called Crazy Dogs Bar and it's located at 1637 Rue St-Denis in the hub of the downtown action. They're offering a menu full of crazy hots dogs loaded with toppings, crazy poutines like their tater tots poutine, sausage poutine and loaded nachos!

They also have a full bar serving up some super unique cocktails until 3am on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. You can come to this spot if you're looking to eat a ton of amazing food or if you want a chill night out with awesome drinks!

They will also be hosting awesome events with DJs all night long and crazy girl's night specials!

Check out their Facebook page for updates on fun events and specials! 

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