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Montreal Graffiti Artists Are Turning Garbage On The Streets Into Beautiful Things All Around The City

A great font goes a long way.

Moving day in Montreal brought about a lot of garbage into the streets, and while walking around, I noticed some pretty witty graffiti written on the abandoned wares of nearby apartments. Wood boards saying "hard as wood" and broken TVs with "look at yourself," all tagged with beautiful calligraphy made me giggle, but I had no clue who was doing the deed.

As always, reddit had the answer, and the street artist with a way with words is actually a group of Montrealers known as Garbage Beauty. Wanting to show the beauty in objects deemed "obsolete" by consumers, Garbage Beauty takes to the streets and adorns forgotten objects with a variety of sayings, but always in a beautiful font.

Your garbage still has some things to say, and Garbage Beauty is giving them a voice. You've probably seen some of their work all around Montreal, but if not, take a look at a sample below.

See more Garbage Beauty on the group's official website and FB page.

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