Montreal Group Exposes The Dark & Disgusting Truth About The Fur Fashion Industry

Fur fashion items are a symbol of glamour. Forever fashionable, wearing fur can make anyone look like a boss, from old ladies to rappers. Society links fur to class, wealth, and fame, but if normal people saw the other side of the story, our perception of fur would be wildly different.

Many don't realize the millions of animals brutally exploited solely so people can wear comfy-cool coats and gloves, mostly because retailers don't want you to know. LUSH cosmetics, partnering with Republik, the Association for the Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals (APFA) and the Montreal SPCA decided to let people in on the dark side of fur in fashion, in a very clever way.

Creating the website, LUSH let people think they were online shopping for cheap fur products, only to find the site wasn't what it seemed. Shoppers were shocked to find a different message on the site besides "Hot Deals, Hip Fur," one that portrayed the fur industry for what it really is. Check out the story and helo #Makefurhistory by watching and sharing the video below.

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