Montreal Group Wants To Ban Smoking In The City's Parks

A touchy situation that must be addressed.
Montreal Group Wants To Ban Smoking In The City's Parks

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Imagining a Montreal where smoking isn't allowed in parks seems a little unlikely, as everyone smokes (and drinks...and other things) in large parks like La Fontaine. Can the same be said for Montreal's smaller parks, ones that include playgrounds specifically designed for children? A group of teens living in Saint-Laurent think a distinction must be made, and are trying to ban cigarettes/smoking in Montreal's parks.

Currently, no law exists prohibiting smoking in any park in Montreal, but the group of five friends seek to change that reality. Already having gained public support in their borough (creating a petition with 155 signatures thus far) and from le Conseil québécois sur le tabac et la santé (CQTS), the group plans to take their iniative to the higher-ups of Montreal, including Denis Coderre, according to Metro.

Smoking bans employed in Montreal prohibit cigarette smoke in bars, taxi/bus shelters, near any health or social service institution, close to schools, and any area specifically designed for children. With certain parks outfitted with brightly coloured playgrounds that only kids play on, the argument can be made that these parks are technically kid-spaces, thus justifying a smoking ban.

A point to remember is the difference between Montreal's "grand parcs" (La Fontaine, Jarry, Angrignon, etc.) and smaller ones regulated by boroughs. If a new law were to be passed (which still isn't super likely, as the borough mayor or Coderre have commented on the issue) it could only extend to small parcs, and the larger ones regularly frequented by adults and children alike.

Still, similar bans already exist in cities like Toronto and New York, so it isn't unheard of for a metropolis to outright ban smoking in parks.

Would you be for or against the banning of smoking cigarettes in Montreal parks?

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