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Montreal Gym Is Permanently Banning Man Who Attacked Teenager For Being Too Loud

The teen will be able to deadlift as much as his heart desires from now on.
Montreal Gym Is Permanently Banning Man Who Attacked Teenager For Being Too Loud

You probably heard about it in the news yesterday, but in case you didn't, a video surfaced on Youtube of an adult man assaulting a teenage boy for being too loud in the gym during his workout

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The video is pretty intense, and many of us were left baffled that something like this would even happen in Montreal. I don't know about you, but working out can be pretty hard work. Not only do you end up making a few noises you probably wish you hadn't, but any time you have to use the machines in a gym or lift weights it's almost inevitable to make a bit of noise. I mean, that's why people bring music, right?

Well, since the video went viral, the guy harassing the teen in video has gotten an enormous amount of hate. It literally got to the point where Buzzfit gyms, the gym the incident took place at, has officially banned the man from entering the gym for life.

In connection to the incident, one of the staff members at the gym has also been suspended, so you could say justice has been served. It's always great to see the city coming together to get things done and restore peace. Way to go, Montreal!

And if you thought that was enough to make things right, Buzzfit gym also wants to give the teen and his family a lifetime membership to the gym. AND on top of that, the teen has been given a year long free membership to his other dream gym in Montreal. I think it's safe to say he'll be able to make workout noises as loud as he wants for the rest of his life. 

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