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Montreal Has A Brand New "Weed" Themed Café

This café is lit!
Montreal Has A Brand New "Weed" Themed Café

If there is one thing, just one, that Montreal does right, I'd have to say its the coffee game. 

I'd bet that most of you would probably agree, right? If not, that's cool too, your loss! 

Montreal's café game is on point. Seriously, there are a good 6 independent café's within walking distance from my place, alone. It's usually not a question of there being a café nearby, but rather which café to go to.

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Well, regardless of which Montreal borough you reside in, I have an answer that I'm sure you will find as intriguing as I do. Or maybe this one is a little more niche, but none the less - it is absolutely worth your consideration! 

Montreal just got its first weed-themed café, and they are open in the Plateau neighbourhood (anyone else not at all shocked of their location?).

QuéBud Café is a resto-lounge that is totally Marijuana themed, coffee spot that also acts as an educational center about Cannabis, and other plants that have health benefits to our bodies. 

@quebudcafeembedded via  

Not only does their menu follow the "green" theme, but this Montreal café also hosts live music events and yoga, too! All-in-all, this is essentially the go-to wellness café in town. 

They also make organic chocolates that are as delicious as they are adorable! 

@quebudcafeembedded via  

Did I mention that Quebec Café is also vegan? 

It is! QueBud is a vegan coffee/resto stop. I just know many of you will want to check it out for that fact, alone. 

The timing of this is perfect - we're only a little over a month away before Marijuana becomes legal in Canada. 

Maybe, in time, QueBud will become the first café in Montreal where you will be able to consumer you soon-to-be-legal products. Maybe this is just an ambitious thought, solely my own, but I don't think its too far from the realm of reality, do you?

QueBud can be found at4670 rue Saint-Denis in Montreal's Plateau. 

You can find more information on their official Facebook page right here. 

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