Montreal Has A Chocolate School? Yes, Montreal Has A Chocolate School

Your sweet tooth will thank us later.
Montreal Has A Chocolate School? Yes, Montreal Has A Chocolate School

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Many of us love to eat chocolate, much to the chagrin of our diets, though it's not like we can help it, chocolate is just too damn delicious not to eat at any point of the day. Chocolate lovers can't deny their gustatory attraction to the sweet (or sometimes bitter) stuff, and one school in Montreal is all about embracing every aspect of chocolate, thus being perfect for every chocolate addict. Get your sweet tooth ready and prep a glass of milk for class at Montreal's Chocolate Academy.

Chocolate can come in many forms, and the courses offered at the Chocolate Academy will train you in the many diverse applications of chocolate. Classes, which only number 8-10 students, are quite diverse in focus, including dessert plating, Christmas-themed creations, ice cream and sorbets, chocolate technology, and intro-level courses like "discovering chocolate."

Anyone from professional pastry chefs to casual bakers can take a class at the Chocolate Academy, as they're staff of master chocolatiers are ready to help out any person of any skill level. A passion for chocolate drives the school, so if you got that, you'll fit right in.

A way to up your chocolate game (either for your friends or simply for personal pleasure) the Montreal School of Chocolate/The Chocolate Academy runs courses all throughout the year. Head over to the website and course calender to see what you'd like to take. Give their Facebook page a like and get any updates too.

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