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Montreal Has A Hidden Heated Winter Rooftop Pool

Swimming outdoors in the winter? Heck yeah!
Montreal Has A Hidden Heated Winter Rooftop Pool

Montreal has many hidden secrets, from hidden bars to real-life haunted houses. There's nothing more satisfying than finding a hidden gem in the city and making the most of it.

I'm going to let you in on one of the greatest secrets of them all: Montreal's outdoor, heated, rooftop pool.

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TL;DR Montreal's Bonaventure Hotel has a heated outdoor pool on its roof, and if you get together with a few friends to rent a room, you can have the greatest stay-cation ever.

Unfortunately, the pool isn't open to the public. But, if you get together with a few friends, you can definitely plan the greatest staycation ever. Rooms start at around $169, which means that four people would have to chip in a little over $40 each.

Alternatively, a weekend stay for four people in a room with two double beds would cost around $57 per person.

This may seem a little steep for a pool day, but just look at it! I want to swim in some warm waters on a hotel rooftop, don't you?

Plus, once you've finished splashing around, you can head back to your room to change, take a nap, and maybe enjoy a drink or two. 

Swimming after dark would be especially fun, once the lights turn on in the pool and the rest of the rooftop is dark. 

And just imagine swimming outdoors on a day like today: feeling the snow fall on your head but being in the bath-like warmth of the pool.

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You can check out the hotel and pool and make a reservation here!

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