Montreal Has A Horror Movie School? Yes, Montreal Has A Horror Movie School

A university course you will actually want to take.
Montreal Has A Horror Movie School? Yes, Montreal Has A Horror Movie School

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Horror fans of Montreal, you have a school to call your own. From the folks who like the "so bad they're good" horror films, to film buffs who only like the horrifyingly groundbreaking scare flicks, to avid readers who love horror lit from all ages, all are invited to take courses at Montreal's horror film school, the Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies.

Kudos to Cult for making us aware of this school of a different sort, whose primary goal is to celebrate, while studying, the oft-ridiculed genre that is horror.

For four years, the professors at the Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies (named after the fictional university from the lord of Cthulu's/H.P Lovecraft's stories) have been offering anyone interested in horror the chance to study the genre in an academic setting.

Despite holding courses analyzing all forms of horror at the university level, you don't need to be a scholar to attend classes. The Miskatonic Institute is open to the entire community, and courses only cost a $7 donation per class, or $45 for the whole semester. Unlike any other school in Montreal, you won't be breaking bank to attend a class, one that you'll actually enjoy.

The academic horror school year runs from September to May, with two different semesters. Tonight marks the beginning of fall courses, and February will start the winter semester. Despite analyzing zany horror films, academia is still at the core of every class, so expect courses to be as intellectual as they are interesting.

Past courses have focused on topics like the haunted house, the subgenre of "reality horror," a brief history of zombies in cinema, the use of children in horror films, and many more. Head over here to see the courses offered this fall and winter. I'm personally excited for the Shakespeare and Horror film, which will finally fuse my adoration for Elizabethan and horror works. Yah, I have weird interests, sue me.

The Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies is situated at Microcinema [ÊTRE] (map) in the Mile End. Find out more by heading to the official website here.

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