Montreal Has A New "Alice In Wonderland" Theme Escape Room

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Montreal Has A New "Alice In Wonderland" Theme Escape Room

Okay, straight-up, I just had the most fun I've had in Montreal in a really, really long time.

You know how sometimes it might feel like you've done and seen it all in the city? I mean, no matter how awesome Montreal truly is, sometimes you crave a new and unique adventure.

And a new and unique adventure is exactly what I discovered at Escaparium, an escape room emporium dedicated to giving users the most fun escape room experience in Montreal. TRUST me when I say that, guys: I've been to quite a few escape rooms in the past, but nothing compares to the adventure I just had at Escaparium.

Escaparium has five different scenarios/rooms for you to escape from. The rooms can accommodate 3-12 people and they all have different themes - like "Tyranno Industries", which is a Jurassic Park theme room and "The Game", which centers around Saw.

But this time, friends, I chose to go with their newest game: Alice And The Mad Hatter's Mad Hat's Hat, AKA an Alice In Wonderland themed game! Straight-up, I LOVE the magic that is Alice In Wonderland. So right away I knew that this game was going to be amazing.

This one accommodates 3-8 people; I grabbed 3 of my friends, because I didn't want to make it TOO easy, and got us down to Escaparium for what I was sure was going to be a super fun evening. And I was right!

The first thing I noticed about the Alice And The Mad Hatter's Mad Hat's Hat is that... well, this is unlike any escape room I'd ever played before. And I'm sure those of you who are escape room connoisseurs would agree. 

There are actually multiple rooms to this game and you can only advance to the next room - all of which are Alice themed - by solving the puzzles in the previous room. And trust, these puzzles are challenging AF. They'll require all your wits. You'll need to keep your eyes peeled for clues which are everywhere!

As far as the story goes, the official reason you're trapped in Wonderland? To help Alice, of course! The Mad Hatter's hat's hat has gone missing - and without it, the Mad Hatter himself is going to go totally off the rails. Alice needs to find the Hatter's hat's hat, and she needs your help to do it.

You get into the magical-looking and super immersive first room blindfolded. After the literal Cheshire Cat gives you a rundown, you whip off your blindfold and begin

I don't want to give away too much about this scenario because it's really fun to discover the secrets and clues in every room. But I will say that every single room is immersive, incredibly well-thought out and so beautifully designed - you honestly feel like you're in Wonderland throughout the whole experience! Signature characters, like the Cheshire Cat, give you tips throughout the game... but even with their help, the challenge is real. 

We didn't get to officially escape the room (we were one puzzle away!) but we still had an AMAZING time. In fact, I had so much fun that I'm planning on getting back to Escaparium ASAP and trying their other rooms. Or redoing the Alice room. It was honestly that much fun!

Escaparium actually has three locations: one in Laval, Sherbrooke and Montreal. Their Alice And The Mad Hatter's Mad Hat's Hat game is available at their Montreal location only. 

For more information on Escaparium and their unique game experience, check out their official website and Facebook page!