Montreal Has A New Harry Potter Theme Escape Room And It’s Like A Dark Version Of Hogwarts

Calling all HP fans!
Montreal Has A New Harry Potter Theme Escape Room And It’s Like A Dark Version Of Hogwarts

Ok, anyone who knows me knows I'm a HUGE Harry Potter fan; that's why I'm SO excited to tell you guys about this brand new Harry Potter themed escape room that just opened! It's promising to be the "darkest" Harry Potter escape room yet and I could not be more excited. 

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This room is actually the second Harry Potter room to come from the Escaparium brand, a "sequel" if you will, and the first one was honestly so good  I can't WAIT to see how they're going to top it. If you guys don't know, Escaparium is this amazing family-run business that specializes in incredible and immersive escape rooms. They really have it figured out - like, I'm still shook with the detail that went into their Alice and Wonderland one.

We've had a peek at the room's set-up and guys - we are in for a treat! It literally looks like a movie set, and any true HP fan will be blown away by the attention to detail. Their first Harry Potter-themed game was ranked 33rd (!!!) in the whole world, and #1 in Canada by the Escape Room Project! Which is actually super hype: votes are cast by players who have, on average, braved about 300 escape rooms each. They compare all the top nominated rooms and cast their vote - which means some actual escape room EXPERTS were involved here!

Via Escaparium

Basically, the room is called "The Wizard Four and the Rise of Lord Thulsa" and the premise of the room is that you need to save the wizarding world from Lord Thulsa, who is esentially the darkest Wizard that there has ever been. Ummmmm.... SIGN ME UP LIKE YESTERDAY. Basically, this is the *the* escape room for anyone who loves Harry Potter and having fun. 

Via Escaparium Montreal

Escaparium is truly the best place in Montreal to enjoy an Escape Room. They offer premium experiences and go full out, like you will feel like you are in Hogwarts full-out. This is such a fun way to take a break with friends or family (and, by the way, an Escaparium experience makes a super solid Christmas gift!). This is even perfect for co-workers - because, let’s be real, what could be a better way to break the ice at a team bonding activity than having to work together with your colleagues to defeat an evil wizard!?

Oh, PS?Escaparium will be opening up a SECOND location in Laval after Christmas - and this one promised to be just as awesome as their first location!

Real talk, I'm honestly beyond excited for this room to open up and be able to actually experience it. Grab your wands, your "classmates" and see you there!

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Be the first to experience this magical new and dark Harry Potter fantasy world by booking here! And check out Escaparium Montreal's website and Facebook page for more information!