Montreal Has A New "Love Lock" Fence In The Old Port

Just in time for Valentine's.
Montreal Has A New "Love Lock" Fence In The Old Port

Love always prevails in the face of adversity. Or, in this case, in the face of the City of Montreal, as the love lock fence that was taken down last year by city workers has made its triumphant return. Just in time for Valentine's Day, too.

For those who don't know the Montreal love lock fence story, it's a pretty simple tale.

Inspired by the symbolic gesture of everlasting endearment that is the "love lock," Montrealers attached their padlocks of mutual adoration to a fence in the Old Port, much like the now-defunct love lock fence in Paris.

Unfortunately, the City of Montreal then removed all of the love locks last July, fearing that the extra weight added to the fence could create structural issues.

Admittedly, it was a justifiable response on the City's part, given that the original Paris love lock fence actually collapsed in areas for the exact same reason.

And that was the end of the Montreal love lock fence. Or so we thought.

Catching wind of a metal bolts of desire revival, we decided to investigate, only to find the rumours were true: Montreal now has a new love lock fence in the Old Port.

Yes, fencing along the Saint Lawrence has once again been transformed into a physical manifestation of attachment and intimacy. We're not really sure whether the love lock resurgence was a group effort or the work of a few likeminded Montrealers, but that's not really much of a concern for us.

A love lock fence is meant to be a collective of affectionate devotion, so it doesn't really matter who started the latest one in Montreal. All we care about is that a new one has been put in place, and hopefully this one won't get taken down too quickly.

So make Valentine's Day 2016 extra special and clasp on a latch of endearment and passion to Montreal's love lock fence in the Old Port.

To ensure the fence doesn't get taken down too soon, we're not going to say exactly where the new fence is, but a short stroll along the water will reveal the location. Love always takes a bit of work, after all.

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