Montreal Has A Pokémon League? Yes, Montreal Has A Pokémon League

Commence geekgasm.
Montreal Has A Pokémon League? Yes, Montreal Has A Pokémon League

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I wanna be the very best (*da na na na*) like no one ever was... and now you can have your chance, with the dawn of Montreal's very own Pokemon League. You heard right trainers/poke-nerds, it's time to choose your starter and embark on a journey into the land of pocket monsters in Montreal. Well, sorta.

Much more than a simple tournament, the Montreal Pokemon League aims to be a full-on collection of trainers from all around the city, with gym leaders, an Elite Four, and a single Champion making up the trainer food chain. You'll need to work your way up to the top, gaining actual badges from gym leaders, as you climb the ranks in hopes of becoming Montreal's top trainer.

Once but a simple pipe dream, the Montreal Pokemon League is now nearly totally legit. The Elite Four and Champion made their debut at this summer's Otakuthon, and are well on their way into making this a year-round league, fully alive with different events and tournaments. The group is trying to work out the logistics of the first tournament, and you can put in your two cents here.

Everyone loves Pokemon, even if you haven't played since the 90s, so this is your chance to relive some of that childhood magic, or, for all the longtime poke-fiends like myself, to prove you are the true champ. Learn more by heading to the groups Facebook page and official website.

And just check out this re-imagining of Pokemon in Montreal if you can't wait to get all poke-crazy.

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