Montreal Has A Quidditch Team? Yes, Montreal Has A Quidditch Team

A magical time for all.

Confession time: I'm actually the biggest Harry Potter nerd. Legit, I've reread the entire book series about 11 times at this point. The first movie is my go-to whenever I'm feeling blue, and I have a whole entire closet dedicated to the Harry Potter memorabilia I collected when I was a kid.

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And it's also always been a secret fantasy of mine to play Quidditch IRL. To be completely honest with you guys, I'd definitely be totally bad at it - especially since I can't even roll out of bed in the morning without causing some kind of catastrophic injury to myself - but still. It's always looked fun AF.

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Which is why I actually gasped out loud when I heard about Montreal's very own quidditch team, offered by Montreal's McGill University.

McGill University's Quidditch Club has actually been around since 2008, which makes it the oldest quidditch team in Canada.

It's pretty much like fictional Quidditch, except without the magic. Actually, scratch that. It's still pretty magical, TBH.

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In an nutshell, quidditch played in real life features all the same positions as in the series: chasers, keepers, beaters, and seekers. It's played with similar equipment as well, like broomsticks and hoops; the quaffle is actually a slightly deflated volleyball, the bludger is a slightly deflated dodgeball, and the snitch is replaced with a tennis ball.

The game is played on the ground, in a field roughly the size of a soccer field.

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McGill's quidditch team is co-ed, making it one of the only sports in the school to integrate people of all genders on the same team. Tryouts are held every September, and everyone's welcome to go and check out their open practises during the year.

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If this is the most chill thing you've heard all day, check out the McGill Quidditch Club's website and Facebook page.

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