Montreal Has A Secret Downtown Free Wine Vending Machine?

It talks too.
Montreal Has A Secret Downtown Free Wine Vending Machine?

In a perfect world, you wouldn't need to seek out beer, liquor, or wine. Instead, your beverage of choice would find you, wherever you are, even in the streets of Montreal. Unfortunately we don't live in a perfect world, but the Conseil interprofessionnel des vins du Languedoc did make a perfect day for some Montrealers, with their robotic wine vending machine.

One part happy go lucky robot, one part dispenser of red and white wine, the CIVL's robo-wine vendor was built and sent out into the streets of Montreal to promote wines produced from the region. A solid marketing strategy, because no one can deny free wine, even when its coming out of a kinda creepy robot.

On the one hand, the robotic free wine vending machine is a little strange, because, well, we'd personally be freaked out by a talking vending machine who accosts you in the street. Things would take a turn for the amazing, though, when he pops out a free bottle of wine. Let's hope this guy makes a return very, very soon.

Check out Montreal's talking free wine vending machine in the video below. Kudos to for pointing this video in our wine-loving direction.

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