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Montreal Has A Super Haunted "Ghost Tour" In The Old Port You Have To Experience Before Halloween

Many of us can agree, Halloween is creeping closer and we could not be more excited! Apart from all the family fun activities to do this fall such as apple picking, there's one type of excursion in the city that you need to go on to make sure this year's Halloween season is the best yet.

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A haunted ghost tour. Yes, Montreal actually has a pretty famous haunted walking tour and once you see it you'll have to admit it's pretty bone-chilling.

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The city has a vast and rich history, with much of it centered within Old Montreal. This makes it the perfect spot to host some creepy and haunted activities that'll definitely give you those spooky vibes you've been waiting for all year long.

Fantômes Montréal Ghosts is a business in the city that offers some incredible haunted tours across Old Port. You can choose between excursions such as ghost hunting and ghost walking tours, either way you're going to have one hauntingly great time!

The Halloween exclusive activity allows you to follow a storyteller (who is in character to resemble a ghost) across Old Montreal and discover unexplained occurances and outdoor locations where unbelieveable and unsettling haunted events took place. Your tour guide shares with you twisted tales and stories that will seriously give you chills down your spine. You can go with friends or test your limits and take the tour alone, although you may want to be prepared for the biggest scares of your life.

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The haunted ghost tours take place every night from October 25 to 31. There's only a limited amount of spots and tickets sell fast, so you may want to reserve your place on one of these unique tours as soon as you can. Tickets for adults are only $25, with student's getting a discount price of $21. What more could you ask for? Make this Halloween the spookiest you've ever had!

For more information on Fantômes Montréal Ghosts and to book your tickets, click HERE.

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