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Montreal Has An Actual "Harry Potter" Magic School

The crescent moon school of magic & paganism.
Montreal Has An Actual "Harry Potter" Magic School

This is one of those things you just don't believe. Even after finding their website I still wasn't 100% it was real but appaently it is.

Montreal has an actual Pagan Study and Witchcraft School that offers a number of Pagan and Wiccan study programs.

They programs involve studying religions, cultures and history as well as "cultural magical techniques". The school's goal is to help you find your own magical path.

The program is divided into 4 levels that take about 6 months to complete so dedication is a must. You must reach level 3 before being introduced to Witchcraft. Level 4 is where you discover you "specialization" and the steps to complete this level are determined on a case-by-case basis.

Check out their website for more information or to register.

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