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There Are Actual "White Squirrels" Living Inside Of Montreal's Parc La Fontaine (Photos)

When you spot one it's something special.
There Are Actual "White Squirrels" Living Inside Of Montreal's Parc La Fontaine (Photos)

Consider the majestically noble squirrel for a moments.

Often referred to as a rat with with a puffy tail, this poor misunderstood creature doesn't always get the love it deserves. We're not even allowed to feed them anymore.

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Which is why we try to showcase the squirrels as much as we can, like these 15 Montreal Squirrels Who Clearly Just Don't Give A Fuck about anything.

via @becauseiamrafael

But now there's an even cuter squirrel being spotted in Montreal Parks. Ones that are so damn cute, they make even these chubby squirrels look bad.

But what exactly is a white squirrel? Simple, it's just a regular old grey squirrel with a genetic anomaly.

If the squirrels have red eyes then they are albino and that's not such a big deal. But the truly rare white squirrels are the ones who simply have a natural white coat.

Apparently people are seeing more and more of them everyday. Particularly around Parc Lafontaine.

via @celinelanghendries

These adorable fur-balls are called White Morphs.

What makes them even rarer sadly is the inherent danger of having white fur. They're easily spotted and eaten by predators which means they have a smaller chance to reproduce, so the white fur gene is less likely to be passed on.

That's like the saddest thing I ever heard. I'm extremely tempted to start a company that knits tiny brown fur coats exclusively for white squirrels?

Maybe we can make them camo so they'll be even better at hiding. Who's with me?

Have you spotted any of these little guys lately?

via @summersolsticegirl

via @summersolsticegirl

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