Montreal Has An Olympic "Bier Garden" And It's Open For The Season

Outdoor food, entertainment, and drinks!
Montreal Has An Olympic "Bier Garden" And It's Open For The Season

Montreal's Olympic Park located in the east end of the city is a beautiful public space that is home to tons of recreational activities, events, and celebrations.

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For example, The Parc Olympique in collaboration with the Montreal Symphonic Orchestra is hosting a huge and free outdoor concert this summer. Also, the famous Montreal food truck festival "First Fridays" is hosted in the Olympic Park as well.

Along with this event, and many others, it's needless to say the Olympic Park is where it's at. You can even 'like' or follow their official Facebook page where you can stay in the loop of all ongoing events and activities hosted in the area.

That said, today I wanted to feature ongoing event I found particularly interesting called Les Jardineries, which also takes place in the Olympic Park.

Via lesjardineries

On their official Facebook page, Les Jardineries describe themselves as a local and public "Biergarten", meaning an outdoor area where you can grab a beer and street-style food and hang out at shared tables with common entertainment includes music, song, and games.

In other words, it's all about community. Sharing food and drink with your fellow citizens and enjoying some entertainment and laughs. 

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Well, if that sounds like something you would like to check out, you're in luck! Les Jardineries is throwing it's "Grand Ouverture" party this weekend and will then be open for the season. 

This dog-friendly event is absolutely free to enter and includes shows, food, drink, and entertainment all night long. 

If you can't make it to the opening party, don't worry, Les Jardineries is open all season long. For example, they have a weekly event called "Jeudi 4 a 9" where you have outdoor games such as mini-putt and obviously more food and drink to partake in. You can see the facebook event here

Via lesjardineries

Via lesjardineries

For more information on all the ongoing events happening at the Montreal Biergarten, click HERE!

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