Montreal Has Been Given Official "Metropolis Of Quebec" Status

There are some big changes coming to Montreal.

A new legislation was introduced in Quebec city on Thursday that has officially named Montreal the Metropolis of Quebec. It is the single greatest decentralization of powers in Quebec.

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After all, Montreal is the engine that runs Quebec, and since 2013, we've been asking for more independence and more power to govern ourselves.

So what exactly does this mean for Montreal?

Here's a breakdown of some of the new power Montreal will have:

  1. More power when it comes social, economic and cultural development.
  2. The right to acquire properties that have been neglected by their owners.
  3. More annual subsidies.
  4. More power preserve heritage sites.
  5. More authority when it comes to dealing with homelessness and immigration.
  6. The power to choose the opening hours for our bars, which means they might stay open later.
  7. More power to provide a tax credit or compensation for merchants affected by road work.

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But the best way to summarize Bill 121 is with this quote from the Mayor of Montreal:

"When an important decision is required, we can make the decision that's best suited for Montreal." - Denis Coderre

Source - CBC 

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