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Montreal Has Hidden "Sleeping Giants" Scattered Around The City

A secret world in our own city!
Montreal Has Hidden "Sleeping Giants" Scattered Around The City

Of the hidden treasures around Montreal, the most common tend to be intriguing restaurants with secret menu items, incredible bars you have to search out, and other shops that you just overlook on a daily basis. Finding the city's best kept secrets is a great way to explore and understand Montreal a little bit better.

But some of the most amazing hidden gems have nothing to do with food and drinks, and rather experiences and artwork. With a city as large and intricate as Montreal, it's more than possible to find secret treasures that no one else knows about, although it may take a bit of digging to finally discover it.

That's why the rooftop murals known as the "Sleeping Giants" of Montreal are so incredible, and honestly one of the coolest things to find in the city.

Created by a French duo, the giants can actually be found all over the world! Lucky for us, Montreal was chosen as one of the spots where the artists gave "birth" to a ton of the unique street art. As if it wasn't already cool enough, the duo is actually known for being the creators of the largest outdoor mural in the world. Although that piece of art is located in Norway, you can expect that Montreal's giants live up to their name.

Those who know about the secret rooftop world of giants challenge themselves by finding ways to get to the rooftops to meet the odd and silly looking creatures. There are at least 13 giants taking a snooze around the city, but exact locations of where you can find the monsters aren't publicly shared, as the whole point of the project is to get out into the world and to not leave any stone unturned. Talk about an intense Summer challenge!

There are a few ways you can go about finding the giants in Montreal. The easiest probably being to just fly a drone over low-rise buildings in different neighbourhoods, which is what most people do. If you want a more up-close-and-personal experience you'll have to find a way up to the top of the buildings, whether that's asking permission to climb the stairs to the roof, or somehow scaling the side and climbing to the top.

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However you choose to go about it, you have to take the time to find these magnificent creatures that are right under our noses.

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