Montreal Has Broken The Record For Most Construction Sites Ever

We just can't escape it.
Montreal Has Broken The Record For Most Construction Sites Ever

Construction in Montreal has become familiar to all of us. As much as we truly hate seeing some sort of work site no matter where we turn, we kind of expect it by now. In fact, it would actually be quite shocking to experience a day in the city without all of the construction and delays going on.

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Earlier this week commuters travelling back to school and work were coldly greeted by the utter chaos. With everyone coming back to the city all at once, many agreed it was the worst day of the year for downtown congestion.

As if it weren't already bad, Montreal is currently dealing with a record-high number of construction sites across the city. It's seriously never been this bad before.

At the moment there are 40 major construction sites that will help in making your morning commute an absolute hell defined by delays and closures.

Under the purview of the city are 10 additional smaller-scale sites, with five of them currently ahead of schedule.

The City of Montreal spokesperson believes that the city has pretty bad communication when it comes to planning construction. With way too many construction sites backing onto each other.

You have to agree, it looks like no one really thought things through. 

As if from a nightmare, some areas of the city have an extremely concentrated construction area. For example, Robert Bourassa Blvd. currently has two sites back-to-back.

So if you were looking for a real scare this Halloween all you have to do is try driving down that road.

Because we're dealing with more construction than we've ever experienced before, the city has reccomended commuting by public transit rather than by car.

Even though there are still intense delays on the STM you'll probably reach your destination faster than trying to drive through the horrific city congestion.

The future of a construction-free Montreal seems quite impossible. Maybe this year it could help if we wish for a Christmas miracle to stop the construction madness.