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Quebec Officially Made The Biggest Poutine In The World

Beating out our pre-existing title.
Quebec Officially Made The Biggest Poutine In The World

With just 7,000 potatoes, 2,000 pounds of cheese curds, and about 17,600 ounces of sauce, Planete Poutine in Trois-Rivieres has now taken the title for largest poutine in the world. The event was held on June 20th, and was made possible by over 100 volunteers and the passion of restaurant co-founders Alexander Auger and Yves Junior Boissonneault.

By 1:30 PM nearly 4,000 pounds of poutine was being topped off with an extra 600 pounds of pulled pork. After measurement, the poutine was dished and served to all the guests at the event. This poutine stomped the previous record of only 1,300 pounds, achieved in 2012. Clearly we Quebecers are so fond of the dish, we decided to beat out our own title.

Not only did this event have the world's largest poutine being concocted, but there was also live music and games for kids. With over 8,000 attendees, and a world record beat, Planete Poutine is counting this event as a success.

Read more about the event here or visit Planete Poutine's website.

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