Montreal Held A Protest Against Escalating Gas Prices And Only One Person Showed Up

In Montreal, the average price of gas per liter has been getting higher, and higher by the week. 

Really, it's true - we are currently seeing some of the highest prices for gas that have ever hit the driving public of Montreal. There are plenty of factors to consider as to why this is happening - but the results are still the same. 

Gas is more expensive in Montreal, and Canada - and people are choked about it. 

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Montrealers are so choked, in fact, that a group protest was planned for yesterday afternoon. This protest was to go down at Costco, and the Facebook event page had thousands of attendees. 

It seemed as though this was expected to be one of the bigger protests in Montreal, in general. There were 5,000 people confirmed to be attending on Facebook. 

I guess out of those 5,000 people wanted to protest the inflation of gas prices in Montreal, only one of them was able to afford the gas to get there in the first place! 

Cause that's how many people showed up. One. 

The single gas price protester at Marche Central isn’t pleased to be the only one of 5000 “attending” on Facebook to show up.

May 30, 2018

Okay, I guess there was more than 1 person there seeing as the Montreal police were on hand - but that doesn't really count! 

So, gas prices are on the rise for a variety of factors, people are pissed - but not pissed off enough to show up and actually protest this!

6 police cars and 1 forlorn protestor wait at the Costco at Marche Central for a protest against high gas prices.

May 30, 2018

Maybe the "attendees" woke up and realized that a protest of this nature wouldn't change a thing? 

I mean, let's be honest - its cool to get together for a commonly shared issue, but I think this event was barking up the wrong tree right from the jump. 

The issue with our gas prices is due to the Canadian dollar, the pipeline negotiations, railway employees on strike and partnerships with American companies who refine our gas. Read more about that here. 

Maybe this protest would have been better situated at Parliament Hill where they could hit up the head of the snake, Trudeau? 

Or, maybe you'll luck out and catch Trudeau driving around Montreal in his muscle car - I'm sure the cost of gas didn't stress him out!

If nothing else, I hope this lady who did show up to the Costco protest enjoyed a good hotdog lunch combo and the sun! It was beautiful yesterday. 

Better luck next time!

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